Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gadget: Garlic gator

I use a lot of garlic. Which means I chop a lot of garlic.
Normally I am not that into kitchen gadgets. I like to chop and dice and julienne.
But on those days when I need a lot of garlic chopped, I like the Alligator garlic chopper.

It is made up of three pieces: the bottom piece with the teeth, the top part with the grid cutting blade and the little piece that keeps garlic from sticking in the teeth.
This little piece goes down in the teeth. It makes cleaning the thing easier. Just pull the little grid out and any little remnants come out of the teeth.

So you set your peeled garlic cloves on top of the teeth...

Then push the top part with the blade all the way down...

And you get neatly sliced bits of garlic.

A lot of times I use the garlic at this size. But sometimes I want it minced more finely, so I will run a knife through it a couple times.


Sona said...

Nice. I love fresh garlic - but I don't use it all that much.

ReesePie said...

That's a lot like our onion chopper! I love the thing - I used it a LOT in my Thanksgiving prep.