Friday, February 29, 2008

my ever-evolving recipe style

You will notice, if you link to some of the older recipes on the other blog, that my recipe writing style can be loose.
As I have been putting more recipes in here, things get a little tighter and a little more clear as far as ingredients and instruction go.
I also like to give suggestions on altering a recipe or how I might try to change it up a little the next time I make it.
The photography is also improving with the newer posts.
That makes me very happy. I like producing a good picture almost as much as I like producing a good meal.
But shooting food is tough, especially when it is just in the kitchen and with no extra, special lighting.
And you have no idea how many pictures I will take of a dish now to get just the right shot.
I think I took about 20 pictures of that chocolate cake to get one I was really happy with.
So this blog really is a labor of love for me in all ways.
I don't post here every day, but when I do you can sure it is something I am proud of and something I think people will really enjoy.
Happy eating.

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